Investment casting

Investment casting Description:

Investment casting processInvestment casting is known as the "lost wax casting process" and as "precision castings (silica sol precision casting process)".
Investment casting is an advanced metal forming process used to produce metal parts in high quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Lost wax casting process is a one-to-one process in which one disposable pattern produces one metal part. When combined with modern production knowledge and technologies, it can be applied to produce parts of varying degrees of complexity, in virtually any volume and for the broadest possible spectrum of applications.
A highly versatile casting process, lost wax casting has for some time been perceived as a comparatively expensive process. But when compared to alternative processes which require extensive welding or machining, an investment cast component can often dramatically reduce overall part production costs. Of course, investment casting is not the appropriate process for every metal part requirement. However, for many challenging part applications, investment casting offers a proven and cost-effective metalforming solution.

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