Construction parts(casting)

Construction parts(casting) Description:

We can provide professional scaffolding solutions and other related components in multi-purpose for construction systems, such as frame system components, lock system components, clamps, swivel coupler, double coupler, wing nuts, L-handles, link discs and wedge bolts etc.

Castings can be fully customized to fit the exact specifications and different designs of customers, all requested material is possible to cast or forge, but GS-20Mn5 (GB 20Mn) steel is widely used in construction parts, it is not only suitable for welding , but also in reasonable price and reliable mechanical strength, guarantee the safety during working on the construction systems..
General surface treatment is hot galvanized or zinc plated

Construction attachment(casting) ,Flanges(casting) , Disc castings, Scaffolding spare parts(casting) ,construction equipment parts, Scaffolding systems, clamps, swivel coupler, double coupler, wing nuts, wedge

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