Aluminum castings

Aluminum castings Description:

We are not only manufacturing and exporting investment castings ( Lost wax casting ) to our customers, but also provide aluminum castings and precision additional machining (Sand Casting/gravity casting/ die-casting) to our customers under our third party inspection, which we purchase these parts from our potential and long time working suppliers.
Material: Aluminum casting/ A380/A356/ADC12/6061-T6ˇ­ˇ­
(as well as zamark die casting/zinc die casting)
Material standard: National Standard GB, United States Standard ASTM. AISI, Germany Standard DIN, Japan Standard JIS, British Standard BS
Casting technique: Sand Casting/gravity casting/ die-casting
Product scope: OEM manufacture
Aluminum Sand Castings
Aluminum sand casting is the simplest and most versatile of all alum castings processes field used to produce casting parts, but it can make complex geometries parts
Aluminum Gravity casting
Aluminum gravity casting ( and sand casting process) is always used for heavy parts with big wall thickness and very strong mechanical property after T6 heat treatment. It is also better to avoid porosity and casting defects inside of casting after secondary machining and get excellent quality level products.
Gravity casting part is nice looking with better surface finish than sand casting parts, but sand casting is more flexibility even it is very complicated shape.
Aluminum die-casting
Pressure die casting(Aluminum alloy)
In the pressure die casting process the metal is forced into a high grade steel tool at high speed and pressure. The casting temperature is roughly 650 - 700ˇăC .The use of this casting technique is a must in order to achieve superior quality for extremely light and thin walled components.

Pressure die casting is a competitive casting method when the components are needed at high volumes or when better tolerances and surface finish are required than can be achieved by gravity die casting or sand casting. The need for machining is very low due to the close casting tolerances. Heat treatment of pressure die casting is normally not possible but due to the high rate of solidification the mechanical properties are good. The tooling costs are considerably higher than for gravity die casting and sand castings.
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