Japanese die and Nanotechnology

A grand occasion of the product manufacturing partners Forum on November 10th ended. I wish to take this opportunity, to each of the participants was deeply grateful. As usual, when attending the forum, always feel Japanese manufacturing competitiveness origin is the small and medium-sized enterprise bred forming, machining and mold technology.

At the end of the Forum on held informal discussion, according to a cold forging manufacturers said, cold forging technology is the core of" die design". The reasons are as follows.

First automobile manufacturers such as product drawings to forging manufacturers. Then, by forging manufacturers according to the drawings, design drawings. In Japan manufacturers, product drawings mostly very simple. This is because after years of business, forging manufacturers have to understand the product design ideas, to" appreciate sb.'s thought to" products from the drawings in the analysis of each other's design intent, and reflect it to the mold drawings. Forging manufacturers rely on simple drawings, engineering design. Include to which stage for forging, where to start to mechanical processing. Design to the most effective to reduce the cost of the project is also a skill.

Through predicting elastic deformation, modification of drawings

In fact, in the mold design is the most difficult is not well completely according to the product shape, on the forging die carving. The main reason is that the elastic deformation of die. Forging, die forging materials will be tremendous counterforce. Therefore, the mold will produce a little expansion. Due to the expansion of the elastic deformation, so the force disappears, shape will recover. If not well according to this phenomenon, the drawings were modified, will not do the good die.

"Since it is so difficult, is it right? Still only Japanese manufacturers to produce forging die?" the question, the other replied:" the Japanese manufacturers hope things about Japan mold manufacturers to production." However, the manufacturer according to the requirements of automobile manufacturers in Thailand has established a factory, the factory in Japan under the guidance of technical personnel in production of die. Allegedly, managed to technology transfer to the local workers, they will immediately resign, was very upset.

When asked about the relationship between manufacturers and material when the first expressed dissatisfaction with each other, although want to increase production, the other party does not provide the initial contract quantity of material. However, materials manufacturers of forging manufacturers pay close attention to very high degree of customization level, for common development is very enthusiastic. This is because the forging manufacturers have taken the lead in absorption and fully understand the final product demand, and this information is necessary to the development of customized rating. Customized rating if adopted, it is very difficult to use other material, so as to ensure a stable quantity. As the past development case, to the author introduces the digital appliance field past use of plastic element into aluminium forging, and improves the accuracy and high sense examples, as well as by achieving nearly precise forming (near net shape ), cut the automotive field used by machining parts cost such as examples.

Young workers have inherited the essence of forming and die making?" Yes, they are very hard." The answer is very practical. Recruitment is not easy, but after entering the company after training, they generally will be gradually interested. As a" product" is heard, no matter who it is, just try to do, you will find it very interesting. But each other, also ask the author, in order to let the students to the small and medium-sized manufacturers interested, hope that the media can do some publicity, improve the image of" products manufacturing". However, the company recently also in division of labor, as in the past no longer a person from sales, to design, to production of all responsible in the end. To master the whole forging technology has been more and more difficult. He also said:" we must work through the rotation of the way, let them learn the skills."

Chatting, to the intermediate stage of activity time. So, thanks to each other, and arose at the venue and socialize together. And a few people talk, found in the Japanese mold competitiveness has 2 topic that deserves attention. The first point is in the resin forming mold, Chinese and other Asian manufacturers already have a certain strength, import is increasing. A molding manufacturers leader said: "to be honest, in Japan both production mold or forming have been done. Now only do development work in japan." Investment casting The second point is in the mold used in the manufacture of the machine tool industry, Asian countries, particularly South Korean manufacturers strength is increasing. Even to hear people say" South Korean manufacturers of machine tools has reached the level of no less in japan." These sound refers to the special field of isolated cases, or the whole industry situation, still need to continue to pay attention to in the future. Unable to imitate "manufacturing culture"

To participate in product manufacturing partners forum forming manufacturer's words, to help people understand the Japanese manufacturing strong side. With the molds and forming technology itself, perhaps the people of that country to study. But they cannot mimic is the product manufacturers, forming and die manufacturers, as well as the material between the manufacturer closely to the joint development of products manufacturing system. Also can say is" product manufacturing culture". That is to say, the Japanese traditionally bred" products manufacturing " culture come down in one continuous line, in the automobile and parts of digital home appliances field, the Japanese have powerful competition ability.

So it must be considered a point, the Japanese products manufacturing mode in globalization and innovation of big trend, its effectiveness will continue. Some people think that the successful experience in the past will play the role of run counter to one's desire, also somebody thinks to should be in the past on the basis of the establishment of the new system, there exist two kinds of different opinions. The author thinks, should make the latter continues to play an effective role.

Innovation is one of the nanotechnology. In recent years, the use of nanotechnology for the production of technical innovation activity is brisk with each passing day. Product manufacturing partners forum held during November 7th, i.e., by the author in the Hyogo sponsored " product manufacturing workshop", hosted the theme of " from the ' product ' see that Miki area economic development?" panel discussion. Participants on how to successfully promote the region of small and medium-sized enterprises, and cooperation between production and study cooperation are discussed, from the angle of innovation, of particular concern is built in" Harima Science Garden " in the synchrotron radiation facility ( synchrotron radiation facility ). Despite being able to generate global the highest level of radiation" SPring-8" is very famous, but from the perspective of nanotechnology, separately arranged and medium-sized radiation device" newsubaru " is more meaningful.

Currently using newsubaru, for manufacturing MINI MOLD research. The use of MEMS in areas such as the famous" Liga process for manufacturing". Specifically, its principle is that through the mask would be synchrotron X-ray irradiation to produce resin ( acrylic resin ), first by making a model. Then, give the model of plated nickel and other metal ( electroplating ), can form a mini mold. As a result of synchrotron X-ray generated into a parallel beam, thus making the tiny pattern. Now use this mini mold, the resin molding, the liquid crystal display developed a light guide plate and a prism sheet body of a light emitting panel. In this discussion, Hyogo Prefecture responsible person said" welcome to small and medium-sized enterprise also to Harima region, the use of newsubaru, develop new product manufacturing field."

" The Japanese products manufacturing" and" nanotechnology" together.

As mentioned before, forming and die manufacturers at present situation and newsubaru, the most cutting-edge technology, does exist a gap. However, in the global nanotechnology research and development circumstances, bear the responsibility of Japanese manufacturing small and medium-sized manufacturers also can never fall in this behind the trend.

In group discussions, relevant personage said this:" Japanese small forming, machining and mold manufacturers, past and product manufacturers and materials manufacturers, Investment castings has been continuously improve product manufacturing level, and with strong competitiveness and take it as a great honour. Some products in the field of Japanese enterprises have gradually weakened condition, product manufacturing since advantage field, is also a valuable property. In the Japanese traditional advantages of product manufacturing based on fusion technique, most cutting-edge nanotechnology, to further improve product manufacturing level, will help to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in japan. Very much hope that the newsubaru to become the advanced model."