How to identify the die casting and die forging

Held yesterday at the 2010 China industrial economic operation report conference, Department of Public Works letter to Sand castings  monitor the operation of the Coordinating Bureau deputy director Xiao Chunquan expresses, the outlet pressure, inflation pressure, the problem of SMEs financing effect, industrial growth is expected this year in 11% the left and right sides.

The Ministry issued the report showed, the current operation of the industrial economy the main difficulties and problems: one is trade environment is complex and changeful, export or face long-term pressure. The RMB appreciation pressures continue to increase, the international market demand growth is lack of power as well as the developed country" again industrialized", to enhance the competitiveness of exports from developing countries, to export to form larger competitive pressure. The two is to manage the expectations of inflation pressure is increased, the production cost of enterprises steadily climbing. Xiao Chunquan particularly pointed out oil, cotton, iron ore and other commodity prices continue to rise, to 2010 industrial raw fuel and power purchase price accumulation rose 9.6% over the same period. Three is the small and medium-sized enterprise financing problem has not been fundamentally solved, still need to be optimized development environment. Four is the constraint of resources and environment has become increasingly Lost wax casting  prominent, energy-saving emission reduction situation is still grim.

Department of Public Works letter prediction, industrial growth in 2011 at around 11%, compared to last year has slowed down, on 2010, China's industrial growth rate reached 15.7%.