Silica Sol Investment Casting

Investment casting process always classified in 2 types, one we called is an American style Silica Sol casting process with green wax (median-temperature wax) and better sands, it makes casting parts with smooth surface, tight tolerance, normally it’s suitable for small part making and widely used in stainless steel material, also carbon steel and alloy steel etc.

Silica sol casting process is worked in a special designed workshop, with strict material, Temp. & processes controlling, it offers the best quality castings in surface finishing, tolerance and in purity of alloy grade, it is also the most expensive of all casting processes. Stainless steel investment castings ( widely used material: ASTM 304SS and ASTM 316SS ) are primarily used for corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and they typically do not require any plating and additional machining operations, this allows the customers to have very little waste of raw material and reducing overall costs

CNC metal machining

We are specialized in manufacturing of high precision, complex machined components, as well as prototype and medium volume production works.

We produce not only blank casting parts, but also provide machining processing service for all castings with complete assembly to customers if it is requested:

Metal turning, milling, drilling, thread taping, grinding and all other high-precise CNC machining operations and it covers material of stainless steel casting machining, steel casting machining, aluminum alloy casting machining, forging parts machining & stock bar material machining etc.

With our complete quality control system and advanced equipment, we can making machining parts in closed tolerance and high grade surface quality!

Axle Box Bearing Body 100.10.009
Axle Box Bearing Body 100.10.009
Bucket teeth,adaptors
Bucket teeth,adaptors
Construction attachments
Construction attachments
impeller castings
impeller castings
Spinner and Adaptor for car wheel
Spinner and Adaptor for car wheel
Valve Body Casting
Valve Body Casting
Decades of experience in exporting custormized metal parts to overseas market
We are
One of China's leading suppliers of customized Machinery Parts,including Castings and machining service

Ningbo HongYi Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in customized mechanical parts and components made by casting and CNC machining process for a variety of materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, grey iron, ductile iron and Alum etc.

Our products are widely used in Automobile industry, Railway Wagon Industry, Valve & pipe fitting lines, Agriculture Machinery, Mining Machinery, as well as power transmission line and other Engineering castings etc.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive solutions to customers. Thanks to our extensive expertise and strict adherence to customer’s requirement our products are sold to U.S.A. and European countries.

We are welcome your OEM business and develop casting projects!

Lost Wax Casting

Lost-wax casting (also called "investment casting", "precision casting" which is one kind of investment casting process, by using white-wax pattern to meet different casting structure requirements.

It builds a mold around a sacrificial wax model, after the mold investment is set, the wax is melted out and forms a cavity where the metals flows in & gets the fine details of casting parts. this process is used to create parts for Transportation, Agricultural, Automobile, railway , construction and Mining machinery industries etc,. It can be used to create objects from simple to complex in various metal material in stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel according to customer requestes.

We handle each job with an optimal process to achieve the lowest cost, best quality, and highest efficiency.


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